Something Big on the Horizon

The tiny house has been sold.  We sold our VW Golf TDI.  And we just got our first offer on our piece of property in Spring Branch (only 30% of what we initially paid for it, woohoo!).  Regardless of the trouble we’ve been through during the past three years, we’re moving forward.

I’m currently working on a WordPress Development project that excites me more than any other web development project I’ve ever worked on.  I’m very excited to make this complex idea come to life in WordPress form, and I can’t wait to help this client improve the efficiency of his website.

I’ve been posting regularly to my WordPress Development Blog at Friday Next, and I hope many people are getting inspiration and education from the content I’m posting there.

Jessica and I have put our next big plan in motion, and you’ll know what it is in another couple months!  Stick around with me, and I guarantee you, if you enjoyed the tiny house build process posted here, you’ll enjoy what we’re doing next.

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