Data Limits are Bullshit

Pretty soon, I’ll be depending on an LTE-only data connection to access the internet.  I’ve found an ebay seller who offers Verizon Jetpacks with truly unlimited LTE data for $120/month.  Not bad, given that other costs of ours will be going down, and we make our living on the internet.

However, it’s still incredibly lame that wireless carriers inflict ridiculously small data limits on users for their normal plans.  They have stated time and time again that only 2% of users use gobs and gobs of data each month (technical, I know), so I don’t understand the point in having data caps.

This graph shows our data usage with Time Warner, and the August bit is only until today, 7 August 2015.

Data Limits are Bullshit

156GB over the past 7 days.  Yes, we have about 17 phones running Perk, 10 of which are running low-res, low bitrate video for about 12-16 hours a day, but we only started that in July.  April, May, and June were months of usage where we simply streamed an episode or two of Parks and Rec at night, and browsed the internet / sent emails normally during the day.

I keep up with about 5 subscriptions on YouTube, but they only post videos about once a week.  I do watch other YouTube videos as well, as does Jessica.

My point is, we aren’t doing any massive downloading (any more).  This usage is what I would call “typical usage” for people our age (twenty-somethings) using the internet a bit less than average.

Yet cell companies want to impose a 5GB cap on usage.

It’s stupid, and I know that probably within the next 5 years Google will have their WiFi balloons over the entire inhabitable earth, and there will be no need for cell data any more, but it still just irks me now.

How much data do you use each month?  (I found out by logging into my Time Warner account and clicking on “My Internet” and “View Usage Details”.)

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