Moving On

It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly to this blog or YouTube, and here’s what’s gone on.

We moved into a travel trailer and out of Texas.

It was a very hectic journey, traveling 2,500 miles to pick up the trailer, 2,500 miles back to register it, and then another 1,000 miles to our current home.  We’ll probably move every month, and we’ll continue to live the full-time travel trailer life until we want something else.

Although I do still think about the Tiny House sometimes, we’ve both really moved on mentally at this point.  That stressful, exhausting, awkward chapter of our lives is over, and we’re moving on to the next.  There’s no guarantee this one will last long, but it’s really fun, and we’re both enjoying the freedom of living wherever we want.

I’m getting some 4k video ready for a YouTube update soon, so stay tuned!

Travel Trailer

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  1. I would imagine this is strangely similar to living in a tiny house (but I have no experience with either). Is the trailer cheaper to haul around compared to a tiny house? How would you compare the living costs (tiny house vs frequent moving with a trailer).

    Btw thanks for writing about you and your wife’s experience with the tiny house. The blog posts and videos we see usually sell the idea pretty well, so it’s nice to see some people sharing the reality of such an endeavor. My wife and I had been obsessed with this topic for the last few months but have started having serious doubts after calculating the real costs and considering moving out of the city (needing a car, moving farther from friends and family …) I would hate to invest so much time, energy and money only to be disappointed in the end!

    1. Definitely cheaper to haul around, as the trailer is about 3,800 lbs loaded, and the tiny house would probably have been over 10k fully finished. We’re paying $650/month for rent (including water, sewer, and electricity) where we’re currently staying, and we don’t have to deal with running water lines here, having power installed, etc. So I would say this is definitely cheaper than the average tiny house setup.

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