Millionaire by Thirty

When I was 16 years old, I first ventured into being an entrepreneur.  I sold Robert Allen “Get Rich Quick” real estate e-books on eBay.  I didn’t know at that the time that probably wasn’t totally above board, but I eventually figured it out.  I thought of many different businesses I could run – lawn mowing, buying/reselling things, mobile car washing, etc.

When I got to college, I started off as a Music Marketing major.  It was the major chosen by everyone who wanted to work in a recording studio some day.  I thought that would be so cool.  Just a year into it, I realized that the chances of my getting into a studio straight after college and making enough money to pay off my loans were probably pretty low.

So I switched my major to Electrical Engineering.  Mega big bucks in that profession, right?

I mean, yeah pretty much.  Straight out of college, I got job offers as high as $58k/year, and that’s a big number for a recent graduate in my book.  I took a job with a tad lower yearly, and started thinking about becoming a millionaire by age 30.

I always thought that becoming a millionaire at such a young age would be the only way to prove to people that I was worth a shit.  Otherwise, I was just another mediocre airhead.

2015 Fiscal Performance

It turns out that (after doing my 2015 taxes), 2015 was my worst income year.  Ever.  Like, since I started working in high school even.  It didn’t feel that bad while it was happening, but it turns out it was.  The great thing?  We’re still here.

At this point in time, I am just about as far from being a millionaire as possible – and I turned thirty this year – and I just don’t care.

A couple things happened lately that have really opened my eyes to how I need to change what I do for a living, but on the whole, I am happier now than I have been in my whole life.

I disowned my family in 2013 and haven’t heard from any of them since.  The burden I carried for them gets lighter every day, and now it’s only something I occasionally laugh about.  We went through the whole tiny house nonsense, and we can now look back on that and… well we don’t really laugh about it, but it’s not as agonizing as it was when it happened.

We’re now living in the most beautiful state in the country, getting outside every single day, walking our cute, amazing dog, and living the life we’ve really always wanted to live.  I’m content.

I don’t want that to sound like I’m settling for mediocrity, or to underscore that statement’s importance.  I haven’t been truly content for a long time, but these days, I wake up, do my work, and go to sleep feeling good.  That’s just not something that has happened for me in years and years.

Millionaire Someday?

I made some important decisions today about my entrepreneurial career, and I’ll be implementing them immediately.  I won’t have to tell you about them, because you’ll just see them.  Moral of the story?  If you’re really pushing to make your entrepreneurial goals happen, you might need to readjust your focus.  I’m not saying give up or change course – I’m just saying refocus.

I’ve been focused on what I thought was the right thing to do in order to make a living, but it turns out I’ve been off by a few degrees.  I’m making the necessary corrections, and tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  Jessica is dominating in her field, and with the changes I’ll be making, we might not become millionaires, but we’ll certainly make our own little fortune (in money and happiness).

Aiming to be a millionaire is powerful at the right time, but you can’t spend your whole life aiming to be only that, because the statistical probability of it happening is just really not in your favor.

I want to start tomorrow at being the absolute best I can be; and the only way I can be my best is if I’m dedicating all my focus on an area that will actually hold that focus.  Where I’ve been up until now has been okay, but I’m ready to hone in and get great.

2 Replies to “Millionaire by Thirty”

  1. It’s good you are able to learn something from your previous goal. Never had the goal of being a millionaire by 30 but I do still have a goal of having at least 30K in my Roth IRA by the time I’m 30 (21 right now and only 1K in it, catching up to do).

    It is a goal of mine to in the near future (1-2 yrs or so) I want to have low five figure months of income. That would be awesome!

  2. It’s so great you were able to find a place where you feel good. Like you, I felt the same way when I moved out of Texas (happiness, relief, and most of all clarity). I’m in Bangkok, Thailand right now and not really sure where I want to go when I come back to America at the end of the year. (I’ve heard great things about Denver and Orlando!).

    Although I don’t have the goal of becoming a millionaire by 30 (I’m going on 22 right now), I do want to have a good amount saved up in my Roth IRA by then.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress this year!

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