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  1. Would love for you to itemize your expenses:
    Gas & maintainance, etc., especially cost per night or month of where you stay, where your visit-cost of admission. Also, the cost of food when you eat out or buy groceries. This would give those of us interested in doing the same thing (at some point) a legitimate idea of what to budget while doing this.
    Looking forward to it,


    1. Great idea! I’ll make that one a month-long project, so that the video encompasses everything we’ve paid for for a full month. I always hate when people make it seem like “anyone can do this,” when in reality, it is very expensive, and in most cases more expensive than apartment rent / mortgage. Thanks for the comment!

  2. How to fit daily life in such a small space, and expenses of course. I’ll be buying a Casita in the next few months. Good luck, and glad things are going well for you two at this change of direction.

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