I’m Back!

It has been 139 days since I’ve posted to my website, so how about an update?

We sold our Escape Travel trailer to a great couple.  They are our age, and they plan to travel with their young son and mom to a lot of great places.  We’re super excited for them, and we’re also super excited about…

We live in an apartment again!

Our apartment is enormous.  If you open the bathroom door to 90°, the floor from the door to the tub is about how much walking space we had in the trailer.  And now it’s like we live in a mansion!  892 sq feet is incredible.

I want to be clear though.  I don’t look back at the time building the tiny house with a smile.  Those memories are definitely in the past, but they’re bad memories.  Our time in the trailer was very good.  I had a great time living in different places, enjoying new sights, and having such great weather all the time.

Our time in the fiberglass egg was a time that I’ll look back on happily, but I’m also more than content with being back in an apartment.

New Direction for this Site

Since I won’t be doing more posts on the stuff this site has focused on in the past, I’m going to head in a new direction.  I’ve recently been given a new shot at being productive, and I’ve been nailing it.  I’m going to focus on life hacks, and other things / tools / habits that help me stay super productive.

I started this site as a way to track my mental progress with becoming a more thoughtful person, and now I’m going to share how I keep my brain organized.

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