I Hate Gimme Putts (When Not Hit)

I Hate Gimme Puts - Casey Friday

I’ve been playing golf a lot more, and as with most things I do, I LOVE to track all the data behind the game, so I can more effectively practice to improve my game.  I probably love golf more than all other sports because of the variation in scenery and pretty views.

My least favorite thing, though, is when people take gimme putts.  When you look at my handicap graph in the above photo, that is exact.  I want to know EXACTLY how much I’m improving, so I count every single shot.  Every shot into the woods, every mishit driver shot, and every. single. putt.

If gimme putts were acceptable to skip in the PGA Tour, The Masters might have had a different outcome!  In fact, all tournaments would have a different outcome.  And as you might know from reading my content, there’s something else I really like: Slick Deals.

If I skip putts on the golf course, I’m not getting my money’s worth for the round.

I enjoy putting just as much as I enjoy hitting with irons, so why would I skip that part of the game?  Especially when I paid to be there?

Rant over.

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