Apple AirPods Low Volume? Here’s a Gross Fix!

AirPods Low Volume Fix - Suck the Grills

My AirPods are awesome, and I love them. They are one of the best products Apple has made since the iPod; however, with such a tiny item that’s going in and out of your ears all the time (a gross place to start), they are bound to acquire some wear and tear.

If your Apple AirPods have Low Volume (lower than when you first bought them), there’s a really good chance they have ear wax build up on the speaker grills. The fix is pretty gross, but it fixed mine brilliantly, and my AirPods were down to about 70% of the loudness from when I first bought them.

The Fix – Suck the Speaker Grills

I know, it’s gross.

  1. Grab a microfiber cloth.
  2. Wipe away the currently visible earwax.
  3. Enclose the large speaker grill of one AirPod with your lips, and suck like you’re drinking from a straw (don’t inhale)
  4. Do this for about 25 seconds, wipe away the newly visible wax, and repeat once more
  5. Do this again for the other AirPod

You can also do this on the smaller grills (I did), and wipe them away too.  You don’t need to do this on the microphone grill at the bottom of the AirPods, unless you’ve been sticking that in your ears.  (Just kidding, I know you aren’t doing that.)

Did it work for you?

I didn’t commit enough the first time I tried this – I only lightly sucked on it and then gave up.  The second time, I really committed, and it worked like a charm. If it doesn’t work on the first attempt, really try to suck that wax out like your life depends on it.

Let me know how it worked for you in the comments below!

I’m Back!

It has been 139 days since I’ve posted to my website, so how about an update?

We sold our Escape Travel trailer to a great couple.  They are our age, and they plan to travel with their young son and mom to a lot of great places.  We’re super excited for them, and we’re also super excited about…

We live in an apartment again!

Our apartment is enormous.  If you open the bathroom door to 90°, the floor from the door to the tub is about how much walking space we had in the trailer.  And now it’s like we live in a mansion!  892 sq feet is incredible.

I want to be clear though.  I don’t look back at the time building the tiny house with a smile.  Those memories are definitely in the past, but they’re bad memories.  Our time in the trailer was very good.  I had a great time living in different places, enjoying new sights, and having such great weather all the time.

Our time in the fiberglass egg was a time that I’ll look back on happily, but I’m also more than content with being back in an apartment.

New Direction for this Site

Since I won’t be doing more posts on the stuff this site has focused on in the past, I’m going to head in a new direction.  I’ve recently been given a new shot at being productive, and I’ve been nailing it.  I’m going to focus on life hacks, and other things / tools / habits that help me stay super productive.

I started this site as a way to track my mental progress with becoming a more thoughtful person, and now I’m going to share how I keep my brain organized.

Are You Afraid of Farting in Public?

Shreddies USA - Flatulence Filtering Underwear

Shreddies USA - Flatulence Filtering Underwear

Disclaimer – I built the website for Shreddies USA, and I am the fulfillment specialist, so when Shreddies are sold, I get paid.

There’s an Underwear for That!

I’m not the type of guy who purposefully eats shit food just so I can fart all over the place; but the fact remains: when I have coffee, I get bloated, and farts can happen. C’mon, you know you fart too. If you’re not farting, you’re not living.

So recently, I was asked to build the website and handle fulfillment for the premier US distributor of Shreddies Flatulence-Filtering Underwear. Of course I said yes!

Underwear that Filters Your Farts

It sounds crazy, but this stuff really does filter your farts. It was initially developed for the UK military, to be used in chemical warfare suits. A brilliant entrepreneur decided to put the concept (a carbon filter) into underwear, so that you can fart in public and no one will know it! Unless you’re a loud farter, that is. Then they’ll hear you, but they won’t smell you!

I know it sounds ridiculous and like a novelty item, but some people suffer from Crones and similar diseases, and some people just become gassy when having coffee. Ahem. Personally, when I’m out and about with friends, I’ll hold all my farts in, and it makes me really bloated and uncomfortable. It would be much, much nicer to be able to fart freely (and silently), without worrying about what other people will have to suffer through.

Stylish Fart Pants, at That!

Shreddies were designed by a lingerie designer in the UK, so they not only function well, they look incredibly stylish. There’s a style for everyone, so if you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself, be sure to check out the men’s fart-filtering underwear and the women’s fart-filtering underwear.

You can save money by purchasing a 3-pack or a 5-pack, but you might want to try one pair first, just to see how they work. They’re shipped out with USPS Priority and Express service, so you’ll get them in a very timely fashion (as long as you’re in the US or Canada!).

Shreddies, Anyone?

If you end up getting some Shreddies, please post back here and tell me what you think of them! You can also visit Shreddies’ Facebook and Twitter pages.

Much, much more coming soon

I know, I know. I’ve been far too absent from this space, but I’ve been working on some stinking huge things lately.

My web development business has become a web design/development business, and I’ve just completed my biggest project yet. The house is coming right along, as the plumbing is all but done, the insulation is almost all back in the walls, outlets are wired up for testing, and the studs are nail-plated for ‘stupid insurance’.

I’ll still probably need to add a couple of 2×4 segments in a couple areas to make screwing the drywall down easier. I’ll also be buying a sweet-ass drywall gun with clip attachment, so I don’t ever have to hold a screw while I place it on the drill/wall. Drywalling will be a cinch. Well, screwing the screws in will be, at least. 🙂

Jessica and I wrote out a list of everything we have left to do, and it just about fit on one page! And that’s to completion of the house! I’m going to be busting my ass over the next couple weeks to finish this bastard up, so stay with me, and I’ll get all the video footage edited that I have waiting for me in my camera, as well as some more great footage of the finishing of a great tiny house.