A Pet Peeve of Mine

I hate it when I log into Gchat (via iMessage) – which doesn’t happen that often in the first place – and I see a buddy that’s green, so I send off a message, and their status instantly goes to Orange.

They’re not avoiding me – I know exactly what’s happening. Android is keeping their status as Available until there is activity on the other end, at which time Android notices there has been no activity for hours, remembering to put them in an “away” status. Then they respond hours later, when I would have just avoided the message completely if I had known they were “away”.

Yet another reason that smartphones are not all that smart.

Tiny House Lighting – W Hotel Inspiration

Tiny House Lighting - W Hotel Inspiration 7

Jess and I were out in the tiny house a few days ago, trying to mark out all the places I’d need to run wiring to for lighting and outlets.  I was trying to convey to her how I wanted to set up the lighting, and it turned out the easiest way to convey the ‘modern lighting’ look I was going for was to simply show her!

My main goal in making the pico house the absolutely best looking tiny house there is, is to keep everything extremely clean, minimal, and modern.  Lighting is quite possibly the most important part of this equation, and I have one rule about ligthing:

[box type=”note” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]I don’t want to see a single light bulb directly – only indirectly.[/box]

Indirect light is the goal.  There’s really no reason for me to go on explaining this; I’ll simply show you the mood board I’ve created that is the inspiration for our indirect, LED lighting for the pico house.  (click the image for a larger view)

Tiny House Lighting - W Hotel Inspiration
You can barely see the actual source of light in any of these scenes.


So this is the inspiration I will be pulling from for the lighting in Pico House.  You won’t see a single LED light source, but the indirect result of those sources will provide a warm, modern, cozy tiny house living space that feels like a five star hotel.

Glen Hansard Live

Glen Hansard Live - The Rich Life

Glen Hansard Live - The Rich Life

It feels like almost a year ago that I surprised Jess with tickets to an Eddie Vedder concert for which Glen Hansard was opening.  Eddie Vedder injured his hand, and the April 2012 concert was pushed to last night, November 2012.

The Lila Cockrell theater was completely renovated, and there’s no longer upside-down birthday cakes of asbestos hanging from all of the visible ceilings.  It looks like a scene out of White Collar, but the venue has nothing on the talent that performed in it last night.

A True Artist

Glen Hansard is one of two musicians that I consider to be world-class musicians.  To clarify what I mean, I believe there are amateur musicians, good musicians, great musicians, and world-class musicians.  For every thousand great musicians, there is one world-class musician.

This isn’t all arbitrary either – I got a minor in Music in college, and I’ve been a horn-playing, classical music loving, music theory spouting music snob for almost my entire life.  I know when a musician is good enough that 97% of the audience can’t hear the subtleties he or she is injecting into the music.

Glen Hansard and Jason Mraz are the two singers I place in this category.  Listen to them both live, and you might see what I mean.

His Performance

Glen’s performance was other-worldly.  I was actually thinking during his performance how much of a shame it is that we all have to die some day; and that means that Glen’s music will only live on through recordings.  That’s just the nature of things, but it really is a shame.

Eddie Vedder has a really lovely voice, but his guitar/ukelele/organ playing almost always covers up his voice.  It’s really too bad that he doesn’t write music in a way that showcases more of his greatest instrument – his voice.  He also relies too heavily on marijuana jokes to get the approval of the crowd.

Usually, the opening act is not as good as the main act, but that wasn’t the case today.  Glen Hansard’s performance was so inspired, so incredibly raw – as is all of his music – that hearing him makes me want to be better at everything I do.  If he can communicate ideas and emotions that well through song, we all must be doing something wrong in our own lives.

Was it Worth It?

The five or six songs we heard Glen sing were worth every penny of admission, even if 90% of the concert was Eddie Vedder singing.  We are absolutely going to find a show Glen’s doing in Europe some time next year and see him then, so that hopefully the entire show will be his inspiring voice.

If you haven’t heard of Glen Hansard (or if you’ve only seen the movie Once), I urge you to listen to some samples of his newest album and support one of the most talented musicians of our time.