Development Projects

I’m constantly working on new development projects, so I thought it would be easier to keep track of them and keep myself honest by updating my progress on this page.

WooCommerce Entertainer / Bookings Plugin

I am working on a very complex project for a client currently, and it involves:

  • Taking ‘Bookings’ orders from customers based on availability
  • Creating a customer ‘Event’ from the Booking order
  • Managing customer payments for their events, including deposits
  • Send automated emails to remind customers to pay balance remainders
  • Provide contract for clients to sign digitally / download / print
  • much, much more.

I’m looking forward to doing a spotlight on this project over at Friday Next when the project is complete!

USPS WooCommerce Mega Plugin

I have used the Table Rate Shipping plugin, as well as the USPS Shipping plugin for WooCommerce. In my opinion, they both fall short of what they should be.

Living in the US, I know that the fastest, cheapest way to ship anything domestically is via USPS. They have the best prices, and stuff always arrives incredibly quickly. Therefore, if you’re running an e-commerce store in the US, you should probably be using USPS for your shipping and fulfillment. For all my clients that I build e-commerce sites, I use USPS for their shipping fulfillment.

I have begun development on a monster USPS Plugin that will allow the following:

  1. USPS Verification of Address in WooCommerce Checkout
  2. User defines how many / what combo of products fit in each user-defined (or flat rate) box
  3. Optional or forced shipping insurance option will add to the cart total on the checkout page
  4. Admin will be able to pay for / print out shipping labels within the WooCommerce Admin area
  5. Tracking / Delivery information will be available to customers on their order status page
  6. Admins will be able to schedule a USPS pickup from within the WooCommerce admin

Development on this plugin is currently paused. I will report back here with progress, as well as at Friday Next Web Development.

Commission Junction API Price Retrieval

Edit: I am not currently developing this plugin. My main focus is on the USPS plugin. As soon as it is finished, I will come back to this plugin.

I’m working on writing some PHP code to call with my API key and PID.  This call will retrieve the price of a specific item I’m advertising on my site and grab the XML feed of the price.

This way, I won’t have to log in constantly to update the price of each item – they’ll simply update automatically.  This will also tie into WooThemes, so that the ‘sale’ function will still work properly, showing MSRPand sale price.

This might be rolled into a plugin, but it won’t be a do-it-all plugin.  It will be more for theme developers who have a small bit of PHP knowledge, so that they can implement it in page templates by the simple inclusion of a shortcode or function call.

Commission Junction WooCommerce Plugin (and other plugins)

Edit: I am not currently developing this plugin. My main focus is on the USPS plugin. As soon as it is finished, I will come back to this plugin.

I want to build an all-encompassing Commission Junction plugin that allows users to enter their commission junction ID and a couple other CJ specifics; and the plugin will automatically create product posts on a WooCommerce site.  A plugin doesn’t exist currently that does this, so the market is ripe for it.

This plugin should also add warning notices to pull products when their expiration date comes (or just pull the product automatically).  This will make it incredibly easy to set up an affiliate marketing site.

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