Greatest Hits

These are a few of the greatest hits of

The Cost of a Weekend Trip to London – in which I detail exactly how much it cost to take my wife (then girlfriend) to London for a weekend in 2010.

Enjoy the Little Things – a.k.a. Get Off Your Ass and Travel! – You don’t want to miss this one.

My Name is Casey, and I Love Miles and Points – Hi, Casey.

When You Wish Upon a Star – The story of our wedding, and why magical thinking gets you nowhere.

California Dreamin’ – Trip to California on a whim, with red Chevy Camaros involved? Yes, please!

Trams, Balloons, and Earthships – Kickass Fall Excursion – This is how Jessica and I like to do vacations.

How To Get A Free Business Class RTW (round-the-world) Ticket – It’s easier than you might think.

Freedom – My Dad’s a Child-Molester Edition – My biological father is a monster, and in this post, I free myself of all the hurt he’s caused me.

My Experience with Slabtown Customs Tiny Houses – The ridiculous fiasco that started the process of my building our tiny house myself.

Tiny House Realities Part 2: This is My Life – What it’s really like to build a tiny house.

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