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Live Free Travel Free - by Casey Friday

I’m Casey Friday, and I’m a serial jet setter. There’s no way I would be able to afford all of the travel I do without earning some extensive discounts along the way. Over the past two years, I have honed my skills at finding deals and earning rewards points and miles.

I have taken all of the skills I’ve acquired and put them into the “Live Free Travel Free” book. Over 9,000 words of tailored advice will have you traveling for free in no time.

Why Do It?

Traveling is the most rewarding of experiences. If it were more affordable, more people would do it more often. Live Free Travel Free teaches you how to travel completely on rewards points, making your dream getaway a reality.

The techniques here have been tested over two years, and when you put them to work, they’ll be taking you to exotic places for free. If you don’t care about the travel, you can just use these techniques to make a fantastic side income, or even full-time profits.

What are My Credentials?

Traveling for free has morphed from my hobby into my full-time job over the past two years. Now, I even get paid to do it. I’ve notated every one of my personally tested techniques over the course of more than 9,000 words in this book.

After doing this for years, I’m exceptionally good at it. In “Live Free Travel Free,” I teach you everything you need to know to travel for free, and make money all the while.

New Stuff!

I’ve just updated the book (8/27/2014) to include more up-to-date details, and an entirely new section on how to earn the Southwest Companion Pass, for free flights for you and a companion!


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