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Updated 23 June 2017

Casey Friday BioYour first question is probably, “What does Casey do?”  That question used to be easier to answer than it is now.

I got my college degree in Electrical Engineering.  I started out in Music (wanted to do Music Marketing or Horn Performance), but I soon got bored and wanted something more challenging.  I like math, and my Music Theory teacher suggested I switch to Engineering.  I left her office and went straight to do that.

I loved the challenges EE brought me, and I was absolutely delighted to have so much Calculus involved in my everyday activities.  I graduated without failing any courses, and I had an internship at an AWESOME company under my belt, with the best boss in the entire world.

I left the autonomous vehicles to work for a DoD contractor.  You might have heard of them.  I had the best boss in the entire world (yes, again), and I had some great coworkers.  My best friend even worked there with me.

I got married to the love of my life at Disney World on Valentine’s Day.  She’s my best friend, and I wouldn’t rather spend every waking moment of every day with anyone else than her.

Alas, I got bored of government work after 18 months (to the day), and Jessica and I decided to move to Utah.  It was absolutely lovely there, and we loved every minute of it.  I didn’t know “what to do” there, so I tried my hand at making mobile websites.  I almost got into Internet Marketing, until I found out how sleazy it is.

After a while, we broke our apartment lease and tried to move into Salt Lake City.  It didn’t work out, and we decided to move back to Texas.  I started a web development business, and I love what I do.  Of course, though – in natural Casey Friday fashion – I had do do more.  So I started building a Tiny House.

I’m also delving into some multimedia technology consulting work, and once I have that business going strong, I’ll probably start a Tiny House business.  The tiny house I was building was stolen and found (thanks to social media).  My wife and I thought long and hard about why were were doing it in the first place, and we decided to move on to other things.

I’m currently doing one last enormous web development project, and then I’ll be migrating into creating rich content for the web, including 4k videos, detailed (easy-to-read) tutorials, and reviews, starting with a full library of content on Retro Sonic Fidelity.

My wife is now an enormously successful author on Amazon, and I have finally found my stride as a web developer. I plan to continue with web development  for the time being, while my entrepreneurial spirit will always draw me to new ideas, and I’m absolutely open to them.

You see…

I just can’t really answer the question “What do you do?” in one sentence.  I do what I feel like doing.  I do what I think people need.  I do what makes the world easier to live in.  I do what seems right.

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  1. Hey Casey-
    Now I know as much about you as some strangers. You have a clean writing style and a lot to say. It was fun reading. I really loved your hair, but I’ll get used to the Baldly persona.
    Let me know how the composing goes. Every time I watch a movie I consciously analyze the music, then because of my age I instantly forget everything. However, I can’t forget that I have a large number of deadlines to deal with this week, so must sign off. Aunty MAC

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