I Won an iPad!

iPad 2I came.  I saw.  I won iPad 2.

I have made it my personal hobby to enter as many iPad 2 contests and sweepstakes as I possibly can, without having a Facebook account.  That severely limits the number of contests I can enter, but it apparently didn’t limit my chances, because I won a freaking iPad 2!

I told Jessica that I was in the mood to get a tablet device.  I asked if that would be okay, as long as I paid less than $50 for it.  The Motorola Xoom looks pretty cool, but since it’s in its first iteration, I’m sure it will be plagued with bugs.  The Samsung tablets look pretty good too, but Samsung is known for not updating their devices.  Then there’s the iPad.

The screen resolution on the iPad is a bit short of impressive.  When I first tried the original iPad, I was underwhelmed with its speed.  Since I got my G2, I’ve been spoiled with high screen resolution.  When I switch to the iPad (or my 3rd gen iPod Touch), it’s instantly apparent that I’m using a lesser device.  But that’s okay.

The new iPad 2 is awesome, and I want to do lots of hackalicious things with it, including figuring out if I can indeed substitute it for a laptop.  I do a number of things that won’t be substituted with an iPad any time soon, but it’ll be interesting to see what can be achieved more easily with a tablet.

Oh yeah, what are you freaking waiting for?  I won a freaking iPad 2, so what are you going to do that you used to think was impossible?  Just because the statistics say your chances are low doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it anyway.